E-Learning Drumset for KIDS


This Learning Drumset book is made for ages 5-9. The exercises were made more simple, games were included with an app. or hitting game and many references to songs were added into the grooves. Flash cards for learning notes are also included.



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I learned after teaching younger students, they weren't picking things up as fast, so created a new book for ages 5-9. Especially the 5-7 age group. Sometimes, depending on the student, they could learn from the original "Learning Drumset" after a careful determination lesson. The app used is in the works, but will be available on this web site. It deals with how quickly and accurately one can strike notes in time. Flash cards are a great way to learn the notes of a drumset. Many cover song grooves are demonstrated for listening and even playing along with. Enjoy the book.


Drumset Key

Legend of where each drum note is located and cymbals are an x.

Download (50.51k)

Flash Cards for Drumset Key

Cut these out to use for student, to memorize each note. See how fast they can answer the correct answer for each card.

Download (3.36M)