The Spirit of Radio _ RUSH


Learn the drumset cover to "The Spirit of Radio" by RUSH! Neil Peart has a large drumset, so this Transcription was made to fit Danny Smith's Drumset, which is nearly as large. A 5 piece drumset version is available too.


If you want a challenge, with a Skill Level of 5.5 out of 6. This transcription needs a Roto-Tom(or octobans) 5+ toms, 2 snares, double bass and multiple cymbals(China, splash, 3+ crashes, H.H.) and/or more. With Odd Time Signatures, Tempo Changes and a unique intro. Drum part, this song has variety. Rim Knocks, Sixteenth note grooves, eighth note open Hi Hat grooves/Fills and many tom tom sections.


Drumset Key

Legend of where each drum note is located and cymbals are an x.

Download (50.51k)